For Customers

Use of is 100% free for customers. Prices of Deals and Discounts are determined individually by our Service Providers.

Reserveline doesn't sell coupons or vouchers, like normal daily deal sites. Here customers are booking a specific appointment with the offered services for the advertised discounted price at a specific service provider location.

Money Back Guarantee

Most purchases on Reserveline go smoothly. If you (Customer) by any chance encounter a problem with a service, the Reserveline Money Back Guarantee ensures that you receive a compensation from the venue (Service Provider) or get your money back.

Customers can use the Reserveline Money Back Guarantee when:

  • The venue is unable to fulfill their promised service (e.g. closed permanently, went bankrupt, changed it’s service portfolio, etc.)

  • You receive a service that doesn't match the deal description by quality or quantity.

Our service provider partners promised to work with you to resolve any issues in a satisfactory manner. Please contact them directly via their contact details listed on our website and give them the details of your problem. If you’re unable to come to a satisfactory resolution we are here to help.

Reserveline Money Back Guarantee is available for all appointments and deals purchased through You can apply for it within 4 days after the appointment date.

To request a refund, please contact Reserveline Support Team via Please provide the following information with your application:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your phone number and email address

  3. Deal number

  4. Describe the problem as detailed as possible.

Our Support Team will investigate the issue as soon as possible. We will contact you in case we need further clarification about it. We will try to help resolve the problem between you the service provider.

If your claim is rightful and the Service Provider cannot resolve it for you via other means, Reserveline refunds the price of your deal as soon as possible (depending on the payment method you used).


For Service Providers

For service providers unlimited access to all features of Reserveline is completely free.

We charge a 20% (VAT included) commission fee after Deals sold through Reserveline (in addition to the money transfer cost, which is currently 40p/transaction). 

Let's see an example:

Alice starts her own beauty salon. After she finds the right venue and sets up the salon there, she wants to have customers. She visits us at She registers and sets up a free profile for her salon.

She knows that her clients would like one of her unique hairdressing techniques, so she creates a deal template for hair styling. She uploads pictures and creates an appealing description for the service - still completely free. Now she opens up a few appointment times, maybe the off-peak ones, where she has a hard time finding the right customers. She decides to try dynamic discounting. This increases the amount of discount over time as the appointment time is getting closer. All of this is totally free with no hidden costs!

In a matter of hours her schedule is starting to fill up with new clients who bought these Deals through Reserveline. Alice will be charged only at this point, where a 20% commission fee will be deducted from the discounted price of the Deal. Reserveline transfers the remaining funds to her account once the Deal is fulfilled at a schedule specified in our Terms. Her only remaining task is to handle her new clients and customers with care as always.